The Cotton Pickers: Shoo Shoo Boogey Boo (1928)


Shoo, shoo, boogey boo!*
I'm sick and tired of you.
Go pick on somebody new awhile --
I wanna smile.

Shoo, shoo, boogey boo!
Give me my place in the sun.
Show me how fast you can run a mile!
I've been so long, oh so long in the shadow,
Now I bid you 'so long,' boy, and how, boogey-boo!

Shoo, shoo, boogey boo!
Your time has come to vamoose --
Oh, you can go to the deuce** right now!

*'Boogey boo' = 'bugaboo,' dictionary-defined as 'an object of fear or alarm' (from 'bogey,' an evil spirit). Spelling appears variously on other labels as 'Bogie-boo,' 'Bogey-boo' and 'Boogie-boo.'  

**The devil. Mohammed, founder of the Muslim religion, taught that Satan visits the nose during the night hours, leaving nose-dirt ('boogers') behind, which had to be thoroughly cleaned out each morning.

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