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March 2017: garden gates installed

Above left: revamped garden gates, east side. Right: a gate being installed across the garden path to stop our dog Toby from being tempted to wander off.

WINTER 2016/17

1726. A succession of heavy snowfalls brought grief to some of our trees and plants -- here, a 15 foot viburnum is bent right down to the ground. Like many other gardeners in the area, we lost several shrubs and other plants to the extended bouts of heavy snowfall.

1763. A window into a winter wonderland.

1745. Square-cut boxwood hedges alongside a path become worm-like tubes.

1752. The trellis' hard geometric lines are softened.

1759. The red branches of a winter fire bush stand out against the snow.

1770. A ray of sunlight catches the tip of a hemlock tree in the ravine, an occasional perching spot for bald eagles.

1777. The church as seen through a snow-bound archway. A mature Mexican mock orange suffered damage from the weight of snow.

1779. Toby seems to be offering up a prayer for more of the white stuff . . .

1800. At least somebody seems to be enjoying himself!

September 2016: the root of the problem

Above left: surface roots from cottonwood trees which damage cobblestone pathways have to be dug up and the paths relaid. Right: cottonwood roots which spread out into lawn areas also have to be pulled up.

February 2016: walk home, fly home

Above left: pathway being made to the front door, from scraps of Turkish marble. Right: a chickadee condominium.

January 2016: 'Timber!'

Above: My brother Doug and his son in-law Dave help remove dead and damaged broad-leaf maple trees.

December 2015: bridge over troubled waters

Above left: creating a trough for a waterfall, west side. Muddy work! Right: A wooden bridge near the head of the waterfall.

November 2015: activity overhead -- and underground

Above left: A violent windstorm damages several trees. Lots of clean-up! Right: heavy-grade plastic piping protecting electrical wiring for waterfall.

October 2015: retaining walls, steps

Above left: Boulder, dragged up from the bottom of east side ravine, being rolled across the sundeck into position to form part of a retaining wall on the garden's west side. Right: Completed retaining wall.

Above: Chunks of Turkish marble (rejects from a stone company) form new steps alongside waterfall. Right: Some local boulders are pale blue in colour, unlike the more common brown variety.

September 2015: bricks, rocks

Above left: Z-bricks taken up from front yard are laid out to form edging for grass pathways. Right: Rock from ravine being slowly hand-winched uphill.

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