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Thanks to my old friend Dave Mackenzie of the U.K.!

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References to this site:

Tyrone's Record and Phonograph Links
Collectors Weekly
The Ephemera Society of America

Sites of collector interest:

Vintage Gramophone Records (St. Ives, Cornwall, UK)
tiga4180 UK collector Paul Harrison's Youtube channel, featuring 78s played on a rare Marathon gramophone and other machines

Live radio of music from the 78 rpm era:

Venerable Radio (live streaming of 78 rpm era records) Gramofon Online (an Hungarian web site with English, German and Hungarian interface to many label listings)
Radio Nostalgia (a 'music warehouse' based in the Netherlands)
Bix Eiben, Hamburg (Live streaming jazz -- and lots more of interest!)

Other 78 rpm label collections:

America: Brandon Music
UK: Mike Thomas also Norman Field
Germany: (Georg Richter); also
Sweden: Filmoch78

Stickers and stamps:

Adam Miller, New Zealand

Dating of 78 rpm records:

The Online Discography Project

Music clips, info on jazz music and jazz musicians

Red Hot Jazz
Georg Richter's Youtube channel

78 rpm record auctions:

Carlos Martín (Spain)
Blues World (USA)

Other types of collections:

Jukka Kettunen (Finland)

Other sites of interest:

Wes Bryan (singer/songwriter)


Thanks to the following enthusiasts who have generously supplied images and information:

Vesna Aleksandrovic (Serbia)
Philip Alexander (USA)
John Anderson (USA)
Marcel Ardisson (Monaco)
James Aspromatis (U.S.A.)
Luca Barzaghi (Italy)
Daniel Beller (Israel)
Denise Berrisford (UK)
John Bruninx (Belgium)
Owen Burgess (Canada)
Greg Butler (UK)
Florin Caloianu (Romania)
Carlos Coello (Venezuela)
Jeremy Collingwood (UK)
Les Cook (UK)
Rob Crewdson (UK)
Shane Davis (USA)
Bill Dean-Myatt (UK)
Miguel Angelo de Azevedo (Brazil)
Dave Dixon (Canada)
Joanne Fabian (USA)
Graham Farnell (UK)
Jorge Fernandez (USA)
Alec Flexer (Canada)
Jose Fritz (USA)
Guiliana Fugazzotto (Italy)
Marco Gialdroni (Italy)
Jason Gibbs (USA)
Harvey Golden (USA)
Martín Javier Gorosito (Argentina)
Gabriel Gössel (Czechoslovakia)
Ken Hagelthorn (USA)
Jukka Kettunen (Finland)
Jovan Kovacevic (Serbia)
Lucyna Lachowicz (Poland)
Michael Letchford (UK)
Joaquin Lopez (Mexico)
Dimitar Malchev (Bulgaria)
Charles Mannisto (USA)
Amir Mansour (Iran)
Francesco Martinelli (Italy)
Bill McClung (U.S.A.)
John Mickey (USA)
Adam Miller (New Zealand)
Ed Pauli (USA)
Phillip Pellegrini (USA)
Georg Richter (Germany)
Michael Robertson (Canada)
James Rouse (USA)
Walter Schwanzer (Austria)
Art Shifrin (USA)
Liam Smythe (Canada)
Konstantin Tavolzanskiy (Russia)
Jean Theriault (Canada)
Mike Thompson (Canada)
Kjell Thorsen (Norway)
Randy Trank (USA)
Jan van Meenen (The Netherlands)
Klaas Vonk (The Netherlands)
Stuart Walker (USA)
John & Cecelia Wilson (Canada)
Ed Wolk (Canada)
John Worthington (Canada)

Others who have supplied valuable information are given credit on the appropriate page.

Thanks also to the following professional discographers and authors:

Steven C. Barr: The Almost Complete 78 RPM Dating Guide (II) (1992).
Published and distributed by Yesterday Once Again, P.O. Box 6773, Huntington Beach, California 92615.
Phone: (714) 963-2474

Allan Sutton and Kurt Nauck: American Record Labels and Companies: An Encyclopedia 1891-1943 (2000).
Published by Mainspring Press, 9230 S. Buttonhill Ct., Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126-4421.

Brian Rust: The American Record Label Book: from the 19th Century through 1942 (1978) (out of print).

Don Taylor: The English 78 Picture Book (undated) (out of print).

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