Western Jubilee

Wiels (Belgium) / c. 1955

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Design: A variety of styles and weights of line are assembled on the 'a' side (above), from thin monoline outlines to thick-and-thin engraved flourishes to brush script. The image on the 'b' side is likewise a collage of unrelated graphics, from abstract shaded areas to wavy lines to monoline strokes. Perhaps the stylized imagery inside the shield on side 'a' represents articles to do with the brewer's craft, but the imagery on side 'b' defies analysis (does the 'M' mean 'Marine,' with the waves representing the sea?)

History: Label scan courtesy of collector John Bruninx of Belgium, who writes: "This promotional item from the Wiels brewery (Belgium is a famous beer country!) carries the title 'Wiels for Ever' in English, but the Flemish subtitle, 'Een glas Wiel's doet veel plezier' translates as 'A glass of Wiel's beer gives a lot of fun.' I don't know what the imagery on the flip side represents. The Victory Orkest, featured on both sides, was a Belgian studio orchestra often used by the Victory label, which issued recordings by several well-known Belgian artists like Gus Deloof, Rudy Bruder and Jean Omer, and perhaps this record was privately pressed for Wiels by Victory. However, following WWII there was a jazz club in Brussels popular with servicemen, called The Victory Club, and this release may have been connected with the club in some way." See John's web site at www.78rpm.be

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