Vitadisc (Trinidad) / c. 1955

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Design: A partially-dressed kneeling black female ecstatically holds a record high in the air, with the suggestive slogan "You'll sure love the rhythm" rippling across her torso. The logo above her shows some creativity, with the swash of the initial V helping to form both the cross-arm of the lowercase 't' and the dot of the lowercase 'i.' The screened shadow to the right of each letter saves the logo from being too understated, providing the whole with a little vibrancy and dimension.

History: Thanks for info to Pelle Holmgren of Sweden, who writes: "I haven't [yet] found any info on who started it, [but] the recordings were apparently made in Trinidad, perhaps in local businessman Eduardo Sa Gomes' studio in Port-of-Spain. It seems the Sagomes label finished its output around the time Vitadisc started, c. 1954-55, so it might well be Mr Sa Gomes (or his heir) who ran it. The records were manufactured in England. A few of the recordings were released on the American Monogram label, and on Melodisc in England."

Thanks also to Jeremy Collingwood of the U.K., who notes: "Vitadisc is actually a Trinidad-based label whose 78s were manufactured in the U.K. As with several Jamaican labels, the masters were recorded in the Caribbean but pressed in the UK because of colonial ties (of course, the U.S., with its shipping port of Miami, would have been a much nearer supplier). However, when a pressing plant was established in Jamaica, Vitadisc's production arrangements would soon change; eventually, they would also release a few locally-pressed 33 rpm LPs."

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