Vik (Canada) / 1957

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Thanks to Matthew Duncan of the U.K. for the following updated info: "The Vik label was set up by RCA Victor in 1956 [being a re-branding of the "X" label] featuring a mixture of rockabilly, big band, teen/pop and instrumental items, which were issued in an existence of around three years. Usually they turn up on 45 rpm, as this was becoming the standard format of the time, though 78s were still being issued both in the USA and Canada. Joe Clay, a Louisiana-born rockabilly singer and drummer, made some classic recordings for RCA which were issued on the Vik label. Vik was used as a 'debut' label for up-and-coming artists considered too risky for RCA's main catalogue, or for artists they had signed up from other labels who had perhaps already had their heyday and were no longer worthy of heavy promotion, which they preferred to concentrate on their big money-earners like Elvis Presley and Perry Como."

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