Viennola 1

Viennola (Austria) / c. 1955

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Design: A sophisticated piece of brush lettering, suggesting the rhythmic tempo of the waltz, for which the city of Vienna is known. The high roofs and spires of the old city are suggested in the logo, overlaid by a sweeping music staff containing some random notes.

History: Label scan (above) courtesy of collector Jovan Kovacevic of Serbia, who writes: "This record on the Austrian Viennola label was meant for the Yugoslav market and was manufactured by Jugoton, the first major Yugoslav record company, in the mid-1950s." Alternate colour label scan (below) supplied courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "According to a note in Billboard of January 1951 the Viennola label of the U.S. was launched by Tempo Records of the U.S. as a subsidiary of the Austrian Viennola. In the Billboard of December 1952, the Viennola records were of 33 rpm, and started with the VNL1000 series. In the Billboard of January 1953 appears an announcement that the Empire pressing plant was involved. Even on the Austrian record, the sleeve has both German and English wording (and on the 1952 label below, French also). The original Viennola label of Vienna was founded in 1941 by Austrian radio and TV pioneer Mr. Oskar Czeija. After end of the Czeija companies in 1956, the Viennola label was taken over by the Austrian Amadeo label."

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