Vara (The Netherlands) / c. 1955

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Design: The understated yet strong design features a logo with a flame issuing up from a ring of concentric circles. The red background is appropriate for the left-wing political material being presented ('Dawn,' 'Struggle of the Workers').

History: "The Omroepvereniging VARA, the VARA Broadcasting Association, is a Dutch public broadcasting association that operates within the framework of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system. The association was founded in 1925 as the Vereeniging van Arbeiders Radio Amateurs (Association of Worker Radio Amateurs). The name was changed to Omroepvereniging VARA in 1957 and is no longer an acronym. VARA originally focused on labour and socialism . . . the association had close links to the Social Democratic Workers Party and its successor, the Labour Party" (Wikipedia). According to collector Georg Richter of Germany, the matrix numbering indicates that the records were made by the Philips company. Label scan courtesy of collector Klaas Vonk of The Netherlands.

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