Tempo 1

Tempo (U.S.A.) / c. 1954

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Design: The recording technology is described as 'Direct Electronic' (rather than the usual 'electric'). Other words used on labels to describe the post-1925 electric recording process (as distinct from the acoustic horn) include: electric, electrical, super-electric, electrophonic, orthophonic, full range, radio-graphic, new process, full tone, Viva-tonal, etc.

History: Thanks to David Lennick of Canada for updated info: "Tempo is a US label which was distributed in Canada by Gordon V. Thompson,* who also had the Gavotte label for some US indie product and local Canadian recordings. Pressing was by Compo." [*Erstwhile songwriter Gordon Vincent Thompson (1888-1965) launched a music publishing, distributing and retailing firm in Toronto in 1932 (Gordon V. Thompson Ltd.), which became one of the few success stories of the Depression era. As well as launching an association of composers to secure copyright laws for Canadian songwriters (1918), his company represented the interests of some major American music companies in Canada. Continuing its activities following his death, his company is now a division of Warner/Chappell Music Canada.]

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