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Telefunken (Germany) / 1958

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Design:  Typically classy German typography for the imprinting. The design was carried through for labels in other markets such as Japan and Sweden.

History: Telefunken was founded in 1903 as a joint venture between two large German companies, Siemens & Halske and Allegemeine Elektrizitats-Gesellschaft. However, the record label of the same name was not launched until 1932, when Telefunken decided to take over the recording technology and matrices of the bankrupt Küchenmeister conglomerate. Label scans courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes: "The A side,"Weißer Holunder" (White Elder) was awarded a 'Golden Record' in 1959 for 650,000 records sold. 'Gitta Lind' is the stage name of Rita Gracher, who when visiting the U.S.A. used the stage name 'Issy Pat.' On her return to Germany, some records were also issued as 'Issy Pat,' but the record company did not annouce that it was Gitta Lind singing. Later, Gitta outed herself in a TV show."

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