Tanza (New Zealand) / 1951

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Design: A shaded Modern lettering (with extreme thick-and-thin contrasts) for the label name. The shield logo at the top features the Tui, a noisy and garrulous bird found only in New Zealand whose unusually wide and varied vocal range is due to its possessing a double voice-box. In the background is blind-embossed lettering that reads: 'Emidisc: call sales and service.' Thanks to collector Adam Miller of New Zealand for info.

History: Produced by the Recording Corporation of New Zealand, this label, launched in October 1948, lasted until the mid-1950s. 'Tanza' is an acronym for 'To Assist New Zealand Artists.' Musicologist Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. writes: "The artist on your example (recorded late 1951) was born in Samoa and worked on the same bill as Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle, not to mention a session with Rex Stewart on trumpet when they visited 'down under.'"

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