Taihei (Japan) / c. 1955

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Design: The performing artists (the lady is Aoba Shouko, the man is Segawa Shin) are pictured either side of these monochrome labels, the photographic portraits skilfully highlighted by background airbrushing (the mechanical, compressed-air-driven airbrush came into widespread use in commercial art studios between WWI and WWII, most often being used to enhance the superficial visual appeal of images used in advertisements). The logo, a stylized swallow with its wings outspread, which looks rather like the American military eagle, appears to be positioned above the label name, which is set in a Gothic (therefore Germanic-looking) broad-nibbed calligraphic style.

History: The stylized swallow is an image that bears some relation to the Nitto Record; collector Jovan Kovacevic of Serbia notes that Taihei Onkyo bought out the Nitto Record company some time before WWII.

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