TK (Argentina) / c. 1955

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Design: The stroboscopic outer border is the dominant feature of this label, along with the swirling lines in the second colour in the background, suggesting the flowing dresses of female tango dancers. The block-lettered label name lettering leans at different angles, perhaps also suggesting the exaggerated postures inherent to the tango, an important facet of South American cultural life.

History: Unknown (perhaps issued by a Buenos Aires radio station). Label scan supplied by music reasearcher and collector Daniel Beller of Israel, who writes: "The TK label, founded in 1952, was one of the first independent labels in Argentina, the name being a wordplay (Disco-Te-Ka sounds like the Spanish word 'discoteca' or record collection). In the early 1950s, bandoneon virtuoso Anibal Troilo, singers Enzo Valentino and the Brazilian Vladir Azevedo were amongst those whose recorded for this label. The takes were usually recorded at the Radio Splendid studios in Buenos Aires."

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