Scoladisques (France) / c. 1952

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Design: The label name, lettered in a stylized modernistic sans serif style, is superimposed on a semicircular background representing the record groove. Much of the imprinting is done in a British-designed font called Gill Sans. In the late 19th century, England (and subsequently, the rest of the English-speaking world) had adopted the American point system for its typecasting, but the letterpress printing industry in continental Europe used a completely different system of type measurement, called Didot (named after a prominent 19th century French printer); the technologies were incompatible. The imprinting, therefore, was quite possibly done in England (also note the anglophone designation 'Made in France').

History: 'Scholar-discs' was evidently a teaching series. Label scan courtesy of collector Jean Theriault of Canada.

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