Scandinavia Sings

Scandinavia Sings (U.S.A. ethnic) / c. 1952

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Design: A beautiful image of the northern sun rising above a flat (and cold-looking!) horizon, using mechanical gradated screens.

History: Many Scandinavian pioneers had settled in Minnesota to become farmers, where a good market existed for the sale of ethnic music. Alf Arvidsson,†Ethnomusicologist at UmeŚ University, provides the following info: "Lapp Lisa (Anna-Lisa ÷st), was a well-known Swedish singer of religious songs, from the Salvation Army, touring the whole of Sweden as well as tours in the U.S. She came from northern Sweden and was therefore called 'Lapp-Lisa,' Sami Lisa, although she wasn't of Sami ethnicity (there had been a previous Lapp-Lisa of Sami origin, so she actually was given a well-known name by her audience). She used a Sami dress on stage. She mainly recorded for Sonata; the record you reproduced may be a re-release of a Swedish recording, but might just as well have been made on one of her American tours."

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