Regis 1

Regis (Canada) / c. 1957

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Design: The font used for the label name above is Abbey Text, a transitional version of Gothic of the family known as Rotunda, which features the thick pen strokes but with more rounded proportions than the vertical, condensed emphasis of typical Gothic. It emerged in Spain, where the Germanic spirit never took full root during the medieval era.

History: Ron Hall (author of The CHUM Chart Book) kindly supplied the following info: "Phonodisc started operations in 1956 in Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Their main label was Regency, which was mainly an outlet for US releases in Canada, as was the Delta label, which was also pressed by Phonodisc. Regis, as here, also pressed by Phonodisc, ran from #101 to #188. The entire catalog was polka-type records; the label folded in about 1961."

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