Pilgrim Records 2

Pilgrim Records (U.K.) / c. 1956

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Design: Two logos are shown here, the one in the upper segment depicting a Gothic pointed-arch stained-glass window incorporating the letters MM&S (Marshall Morgan & Scott), the other, at the foot, with the same intertwined initials within a shield, seems to derive from an earlier (Edwardian?) era. The upward-travelling, vertically-oriented label name is lettered in an appropriately severe style.

History: Marshall Morgan and Scott was a Christian (Baptist) publishing house that in 1981 merged with another publishing house, (the Scots non-conformist) Pickering and Inglis, to become Marshall Pickering; in 1988, the company was taken over by what became, by way of other mergers, Harper Collins. Label scan courtesy of collector and musicologist Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K., who notes that this label was produced in London by Levy Bros., manufacturers of the Oriole label.

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