Philips 1

Philips (Germany) / 1952

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Design: A plain but well-balanced label, the label name being set in a geometric sans serif. The well-known corporate logo, featuring a triple-line wave (the world's oceans?) with stars (for each hemisphere?) at the top. This version of the label has little curls at the foot of the outer border.

History: Launched in 1950 by Philips Phonographische Industries (PPI), a Dutch electrical company. In 1962 PPI and Deutsche Grammophon merged and by 1972 became known as PolyGram. Alternate colour label scans courtesy of collectors Jukka Kettunen of Finland and Georg Richter of Germany, who also supplied the sleeve scans below, and writes: "The Philips company headquarter was in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, but even Dutch artists were issued on German Philips, like the Kilima Hawaiians [above] etc. The recording supervisor in the German Philips record plant in Hamburg was the German vocalist Heinz Woezel. The second sleeve is remarkable for the cutout replicating the contour of the Danish island of Funen ['Fyn']. The shop was located in Odense, the biggest town on Funen."

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