Perico (U.S.A. ethnic) / c. 1955

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Design: The name 'Perico' means 'parrot' in Spanish. The jungles of South America abound with many varieties of that colourful species, but probably none wear the straw boater, waistcoat and dicky-bow that this happy-looking fellow does, perched exactly across the centre line. The label name is lettered in a loose, triple-stroke font set at a jaunty angle, extending the circular movement around the label created by the parrot's body and tail, creating a nicely focused area for the imprinting, which is centred on an off-centre axis. The overall bold treatment and bright colours of this well-balanced design are very well suited to the label name, and visually appealing to the focus market, as the content seems to be nursery rhymes for children.

History: Label scans above and below (from either side of the same record) courtesy of collector Joaquin López of Mexico, who writes: "This was an American label of Latin children's music."

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