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Pathé (China) / c. 1955

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Design: The label name is positioned on a scroll or banner, a design element which (in a stylized form) had been used in Pathé's early years, but which had been dropped in the 1920s in favour of the script logo. It is unusual to see a graphic image (the banner) becoming more complex in design rather than simpler.

History: Thanks for info to Lum Kat (Justin) Theing, who notes: "Pathé was the first ever recording company to come into the Shanghai market, in 1910. This is the third version of the Pathé label, designed and produced in 1932. However, according to the serial number, this particular record was released in 1954-55. This design lasted until the late 50s, when another design came out, which was used on 33 rpm records. It was changed again in the 1960s-70s."

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