Muza 2

Muza (Poland) / c. 1951

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Design: Very lightweight, lyrical lowercase lettering for the label name, most unlike the solid block lettering favoured by the Russian Communists, who were directing Polish affairs of state at this time (see USSR label).

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Lucyna Lachowicz of Poland, who notes: "In post-war Poland, there were several independently-owned labels. Two of these, Melodje (Melody) and Mewa (Seagull) were privately owned by Mieczyslaw Wejman of Poznan. In 1950 these businesses were nationalized and their masters acquired by the state-run Muza (Muse) label." Alternate colour scan (below left) courtesy of collector Jukka Kettunen of Finland; alternate colour scan below right courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany.

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