Musical Record

Musical Record (Iran) / c. 1951

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Design: A very controlled design featuring a mirror-image collage of musical instruments on a music staff. The label name is badly pasted-up, with an uneven baseline, and the name itself is mis-spelled ('Miusical').

History: Label scan courtesy of musicologist and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. Thanks for updated info to Amir Mansour of Iran, who writes: "Musical Records was an Iranian label, the masters being recorded in Tehran and pressed by Oriole Co. in London between 1948 and 1958. The company issued several coloured and picture labels (e.g. this label from 1950/51). For more info and a brief history of Persian recordings by year, click here). You'll find many other interesting labels here."

He continues: "There are four private Persian labels, all recorded and produced in India in 1940s: Young Iran; Delbar; (also you can see this article on Delbar records); Teheran; and Nava Ye Iran. Some unique pre-WWI Persian labels which may be attractive for your website visitors are the Paris-made Khorshid ('Sun') Records: and a very special (pirated!) reproduction of Gramophone Company."

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