Musart 2

Musart (Mexico) / c. 1955

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Design: Basically the same elements as the previous label except that a partly solid and partly wavy border now defines the lower segment. The four-leaf clover is apparently universally recognized as a symbol of good luck.

History: Founded in 1948 to promote Mexican folk music (the Trio Delfines were a Mexican group). Label scan courtesy of collector John Anderson of the U.S.A. In response to a query as to whether this label should be categorized as Mexican or Colombian, 78 rpm record collector Joaquin McKinnon of Mexico writes: "Musart didn't have its own plant in Colombia, their records being distributed in that country by CoDiscos from the early 1970s on. The record does not lay claim to being of Colombian origin, just that it was manufactured in Barranquilla, a town in northern Colombia."

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