London Liberty

London Liberty (Canada) / 1956

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Design: The decorative swash letters of the label name (see previous page) have been shorn of their decorative blobby endings and the main strokes made bolder.

History: Thanks for updated info to collector Dave Dixon of Canada, who writes: "The London label was the North American subsidiary of Decca records of England. This came about when U.S. Decca became independent from English Decca  and so English Decca no longer had access to the American market. To solve this they set up a North American label called 'London,' after the end of WWII. The first London records to be sold in Canada in the late 1940s (and, I assume, in the U.S. too) were 'Made in England'  with English recording artists and exported. Then at some point (1950?) London set up pressing plants in Canada and the U.S., and started pressing not only English masters but new American recordings by old-timers like Gene Austin and newcomers like Teresa Brewer. London Records in Canada made pressings of selected recordings for the Canadian market  from the Liberty records catalogue in the U.S. with this special label."

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