Listen (U.S.A.) / c. 1955

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Design: The label is divided by a curving line (similar to the Specialty label), and the label name has been placed very boldly, in an attractive script, the baseline of which follows the curve of the panel.

History: Thanks to Dennis Flannigan of the U.S.A. for the following info: "The Listen label, as well as the JR and Rivers labels were owned by Jack Rivers, a guitarist/singer with his brother Jim Lewis's western swing band, Texas Jim Lewis and his Lone Star Cowboys. All were issued in Seattle, WA - mostly for jukeboxes. Jim Lewis recorded for the Vocalion, Decca, Coral and Exclusive labels beginning in the late 1930's. Jack recorded for MacGregor, Capitol, Coral and his own labels. Both brothers moved to Seattle about 1950 - Jim first. Jim became a disc jockey with KIRO-AM and then a Northwest television pioneer on KING-TV with Seattle's first television children's program, 'Safety Junction.' He'd previously played comic side-kicks in cowboy movies. His show ran until 1957. KING TV was the Northwest's first significant commercial station. Jack followed Jim to KING TV, where he hosted a country music show (Rainier Ranch House, or some similar name), played the area and started at least three labels. He recorded many artists in the Northwest, and issued records on a variety of labels, even a few single-purpose labels, mostly for jukebox vendors. Both Jim and Jack Rivers (born Rivers Lewis) have LP and CD albums on the German Cattle label. They once recorded an LP, backing their fiddler father, Rev. James Lewis (I've seen a copy, but don't have it). Jim was born in 1915, so his father would have been born in the late 1800's. Both died in the the 1990s. I produced the Cattle LPs for Jim Lewis (3 of them), and met Jack Rivers one time. Jack was a regular with the Jimmy Wakely band for many years."

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