Karusell 1

Karusell (Finland) / c. 1954

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Design: A powerful and creative layout using solid blocks of colour and cut-out shapes typical of 1950s design. The label name does not suffer from being shaped into a carousel, being lettered in a strong Gothic-influenced style. The bright primary colours add visual appeal.

History: Label scan courtesy of discographer and researcher Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. Thanks for updated info to ethnomusicologist Alf Arvidsson, of the Umeň university, Sweden, who writes: "[Karusell] was actually a Swedish company although the label you have scanned is from a Finnish pressing (Swedish companies sometimes had offices in Finland, Norway, Denmark, and vice versa). It started in 1952 and had jazz bassist Simon Brehm as musical director, and was working up to his death in 1967. The company was then sold to one of the major German companies, who used it for a while (I've seen German LP releases with the spelling 'Karussell'). It combined rereleased American recordings (for instance, jazz from the Verve label) with Swedish jazz as well as pop recordings. From the late fifties on, its output was purely commercial."

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