KP (U.K.) / 1960

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Design: The stroboscopic border, a technological gimmick which first made its appearance in the 1930s, is prominent. The black and red quartering of the upper segment is more typical of 1950s design, in which large flat areas of colour were often juxtaposed (see Ibis, Atlantic). The overall hard-edged 'sharpness' is accentuated by the needle-pointed star at the upper right; whether this was a corporate logo or was used in the company's publicity is unknown.

History: The 'KP' initials refer to the name Keith Prowse, founded by Robert Keith and William Prowse in 1830 as musical instrument manufacturers, music publishers and ticket sellers, and are still in operation today. Denmark Street, the address seen on the label, was home to many London-based music-related companies, being known as the British 'Tin Pan Alley,' and contains London's biggest collection of music shops.

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