Jugoton (Yugoslavia) / c. 1955

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Design: A very attractive piece of calligraphy for the label name flows across a music staff, with nice hand lettering at the foot, reversed out of the solid border. The green colour perhaps has a little too much white mixed in with it, though the burgundy imprinting is a nice contrast.

History: Thanks for additional info to Jovan Kovacevic of Serbia, who writes: "Jugoton was the first major Yugoslav record company, formed in 1947 in Zagreb (Croatia today). Its origins can be traced to the founding of the 'Elektroton' label in pre-war Yugoslavia, since this label's nationalized facilities were used to start up Jugoton after the war. Jugoton is still active, but its name was changed to Croatia Records in 1991. There was a film also titled Di je moj Split in 1955." Label scan courtesy of collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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