Heliodor (Germany) / 1954

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Design: An amazing piece of graphic design, featuring a peacock-like fantail arrangement, with the label name treated in equally spectacular and futuristic fashion. The designer was given complete freedom to experiment here, and the result is something really quite unique.

History: Scans courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes: "The brand name Heliodor was registered by Deutsche Grammophon on 29 July 1914, but as far as I know it was only used for some of their wind-up gramophones (see decal below).

"It was revived 1954 to promote young artists who did not fit in with the more conservative Polydor label, on both shellac and vinyl. From about mid-1956 the label was also used to issue licensed material from US teenybopper and rock'n'roll stars. I'm not sure whether the psychedelic design was supposed to represent Heliodorus, a Greek name meaning 'Gift of the Sun.'"

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