Harmoni (Norway) / 1954

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Design: The underlined script logo, which first appeared in the early years of the 20th century (e.g. Artiphon, Marathon) is here given some updated, stylized treatment. Stylized sound waves, in the form of bold lines, issue from the old-fashioned spinning disc in the NGK logo.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Kjell Thorsen of Norway, who writes: "Established in 1935, Norsk Grammofonkompani AS (Norwegian Gramophone Company, NGK) made 78 rpm discs until the late 1950s, when that era came to an end. The company then switched its production to vinyl discs, surviving until about 1980. A variety of label designs were featured through the years, depending on the kind of repertoire on the actual records, e.g. religious, children's, etc. This record, featuring Åge Samuelsen, was recorded in Oslo in July 1954."

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