Grafson 1

Grafson (Turkey) / c. 1960

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Design: The graphics in the upper segment are the same as appearing on the Parlophone of England label (originally founded by German entrepreneur Carl Lindstrom).

History: Likely one of several subsidiaries of Parlophone (which in the early 1930s became a major part of the EMI group of companies, and continues up to the present day). Label scan courtesy of collector Ken Hagelthorn of the U.S.A. Thanks for updated info to collector Francesco Martinelli of Italy, who writes: "The Grafson Plak label was established in 1958 in Istanbul by the ex-producer of His Masters Voice in Turkey, Mihran Gürciyan, together with the great singer Zeki Müren. Their first attempt was in fact called Müren Records, and the records were pressed in Czechoslovakia. When Agop Ürgüplüoglu joined them, the new label was called Grafson. Their record were pressed in Austria until they built a pressing plant in Küçükköy (Istanbul). Grafson continued into the vinyl era with many LPs much appreciated today, and their catalogue finally went to the Emre label."

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