Edelweiss (Canada) / c. 1972

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Design: The hand-drawn label name lettering, which perfectly captures the spirit of the label name, is based on the thick-and-thin Art Deco style of the 1930s, the vertical strokes of each letter widening as they radiate outward, and decorated with lines and dashes suggestive of hand-sewn lederhosen. The edelweiss alpine flowers are also beautifully drawn, the leaves and stems being delicately shaded to maximize the whiteness of the flower-heads. The metallic colour combination is typical of the 1950s.

History: Thanks for updated info to Peter Huber of Canada, who writes: "My grandmother, Leopoldine Pichler, was Austrian-born and became a Canadian citizen after her family had emigrated to Canada in the mid-1930s. The recording you show was made in the basement of Sam Sniderman's famous record shop (a.k.a. Sam the Record Man) in Toronto sometime in the 1970s.

"Leopoldine performed at Massey Hall in Toronto (I still have the posters for the show) and won many Canadian National Exhibition singing competitions. She was also featured on a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) show sometime in the 1940s. During those years she studied in New York and also lived in Los Angeles for a while.

"One of the quartet members was my grandfather, Johann Fink, who plays the guitar and sings a few verses on your particular recording. I still have both Leopoldine's zither and Johann's guitar, a 1936 Marlboro. I don't know anything specific about the label, but for sure these folks had a pretty interesting life!"

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