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Derby (U.S.A.) / 1950

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Design: The simple motif of a hat perched on the label name occupies the entire upper segment. Derby hats, which are worn centrally-placed on the head (like the 'bowler'), are actually more dome-shaped  than the one illustrated, which from its shape and rakish angle conveys more the image of the casual fedora, as worn by Frank Sinatra. They are generally made of brown felt, which on a tan or yellow background might have made for a more appealing colour combination than black on pink.

History: "The Hollywood Phantom" kindly supplies the following information: "The New York-based Derby imprint was begun in 1950. The A&R man for the label was Eddie Wilcox (who also recorded for them). That label folded in 1954. Sam Cooke and business partner J.W. Alexander launched a later 'Derby' label in 1964 as a subsidiary to their SAR imprint (both located at 6425 Hollywood Blvd) and after Sam's death in 1964, both of these labels (SAR and Derby) ceased to operate by early 1965. The New York-based label did NOT relocate to Los Angeles as is often stated by the 'experts.' I know, I once worked for Lew Chudd at Imperial (just over the hall from Sam Cooke's office)."

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