Delta (Canada) / c. 1956

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Design: A whimsical but strong approach. This label bears similar design characteristics to the Regency label in the jaunty treatment given to the headline and the broken swelled rule decorating the centre hole.

History: Ron Hall, author of The CHUM Chart Book kindly supplied the following info: "Phonodisc started operations in 1956 in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Delta's first release was #3000 and continued through 1968 ending with #3251, retaining the same colour scheme throughout its run. During the late '50s and into the '60s Phonodisc also pressed American labels including Kapp, Carlton, Warwick, Guaranteed, Leader, Del-Fi, Tamla, Congress, Sue, Paula & Cadet. Between mid-1964 through mid-1973 the Motown company of labels (Gordy, Motown, Soul, Tamla & VIP) were all pressed by Phonodisc on the Tamla/Motown label, which by the mid-'70s appeared to be defunct."

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