Decca 5

Decca (U.K.) / c. 1950

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Design: The design retains something of the 1920s in the leafy decoration filling the interstices (compare with the 1920s Gennett label) created outside of a thick line which almost encloses the whole design. The 'D-E-C-C-A' name represents the first five notes of a Beethoven symphony, and thus for his likeness to be shown.

History: The record division of Decca, launched in 1929, had a long and interesting history, marked by accidental success (e.g. signing the Rolling Stones) and disaster (e.g. turning down the Beatles). Its founder, Sir Edward Lewis, provided the capital to Jack Kapp to launch the American Decca company; after WWII the two corporations went their separate ways (British Decca launching London Records as their U.S. presence). Label scan courtesy of collector Dimitar Malchev of Bulgaria.

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