Coronet (U.S.A.) / c. 1957

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Design: The assymetrical vertical and horizontal axes are emphasized by solid areas of colour. This kind of treatment became popular with graphic designers as print technology shifted in the post-WWII era from letterpress to lithography (compare with Ibis, Top Rank). Image shapes became freed from the limitations of metal, and large areas of colour could be printed in flat colours without excessive pressure. Also, effects like type being reversed out of colour, such as the label name, could be easily achieved. However, the imprinting (artist, song title, etc.) was still more easily done later, by the letterpress process.

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to A Coronet label in the U.S. ran from 1956 to 1963 and though in the main it produced 45 rpm records, some 78 rpm pairings were also offered.

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