Columbia 13

Columbia (México) / c. 1958

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Design: A pair of rather conservatively-dressed teenagers jive against a background of a music staff, with music notes flying off in all directions.

History: The name of Columbia, one of the longest-established companies in the music recording industry, is based on a mythological female personification of the United States, and in turn is based on the surname of Christopher Columbus, once celebrated as the discoverer of the North American continent in the late 15th century but whose place in history is now rejected in favour of an 11th-century Viking named Leif Ericson. Founded in 1888, Columbia now operates under the ownership of Sony Music Entertainment, whose corporate origins were in Japan. Carlos Arruza, the song title, celebrates the name of a famous Mexican bullfighter who died in a 1966 auto accident; Larry Sonn, an American jazz trumpet player born in 1919, adopted México as his homeland and still resides there. Label scan courtesy of collector Joaquin López of México.

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