Club Schallplatte

Club Schallplatte (Germany) / 1953

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Design: The rather angular script logo exhibits more of the pen than the brush influence, having the narrowly-spaced and heavy vertical strokes of Gothic. The distorted-looking underlining swash has been exaggerated to accommodate the word 'Schallplatte.' The scans below show the front and back of the same sleeve, the front being arranged in a more or less symmetrical circular arrangement, while the back follows an asymmetrical, linear format. The animated figures on the front obviously represent different forms and styles of musical entertainment, but the 'T' logo on the back, centred on what might be the frontage of a building surmounted by a cross, sitting on a book, and superimposed on a background of the world, is enigmatic.

History: All label scans courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes: "Club Schallplatte is obviously of Austrian origin, and dates from the mid-1950s. I found only Austrian artists on this label."

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