China Records

China Records (China) / c. 1953

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Design: There seems to be two forms of Oriental pictographic lettering used here, a 'modern' stylized version used for the main line and at the foot of the border, and the more traditional calligraphic variety used for the song titles. The irregular border, which complements the stylized type, contrasts strongly with the illustration of a temple, which matches the feel of the traditional lettering. The red and gold combination, often favored by the Chinese as suggestive of richness, works well.

History: Thanks for info to Lum Kat (Justin) Theing, who notes: "This label, produced in the early 50's in China, is called 'China Records' (Zhongguo Changpian). The illustration shows the 15th-century Forbidden City in Beijing (a World Heritage site which is still standing). Most of the records produced are Peking and Teochew opera pieces; in fact, they produced very little pop material in the 50's."

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