Calesita (Argentina) / c. 1952

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Design: An unusual vertical division of the label, instead of the more usual horizontal split. A lively full-colour illustration of musical instruments and music notes takes up the left segment, with an attractive carousel and the label name forming a logo. The combination of orange and black presents a bright, powerful image which children would find appealing.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector and music researcher Daniel Beller, of Israel. He writes: "The Calesita label, launched in 1952, was directed by Atilio Amendola, the son of Alfredo Amendola, of Discos Atlanta. These 7" singles, played at 78 rpm, were printed on coloured shellac and had some of the finest children's music ever recorded in Argentina, by artists like the singer Luz Bermejo and the trio Las Pulguitas, actors Augusto Codeca and Alberto Closas, radio celebrity Wimpy and others."

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