Bertelsmann (Germany) / c. 1957

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Design: A fresh, up-to-the-minute design, utilizing the 1950s trend of solid blocks of colour in an interesting way. The sleeve (below) is also a simple but striking design, with great typographical contrast between the condensed sans serif label name and the fine-line script below, and excellent placement of all the elements.

History: Label scans courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Carl Bertelsmann (1791-1850) founded his publishing house in 1835. Until it finally became Bertelsmann AG it was known as media group BMG. In 1950 Bertelsmann launched Lesering (a book club, now Club Bertelsmann). In 1956 Bertelsmann founded a record club, the Schallplattenring (at first, the records were parallel-issued in both shellac 78 rpm and vinyl 45 rpm). In 1958 Bertelsmann founded the Ariloa label and the Sonopress record manufacturing facility."

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