Beaver (Canada) / c. 1952

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Design: Judging by the graphic treament (the solid 'slice' and the Linotype Metro typesetting), probably a subsidiary of Quality Records. A lively, well-drawn piece of outlined script lettering but an amateurish drawing. The solid slice in the upper segment makes the beaver look as if it is struggling uphill. Because of the awkward space created in the lower half of the label by the angled section, the lines of type are awkwardly staggered.

History: In business in Toronto between 1950 and 1956. According to collector David Lennick of Canada, "There were two Beaver labels, not connected (the second one, being owned by the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, was pressed by RCA, but never in the 78 format). The Beaver label [above] was somehow connected to the Monogram label, which were both pressed by Sparton." Record donated by John Wilson of Canada.

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