Banco Largo

Banco Largo (Venezuela) / c. 1952

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Design: The label name has been carefully hand-lettered so that there is not too much 'air' between the letters (note the 'L' and 'A' in the word 'Largo.' Perhaps a better collage could have been made of the musical instruments in the illustration.

History: Thanks to collector Carlos Coello of Venezuela, who writes: "Discos Banco Largo was founded by Venezuelan musician Juan Vicente Torrealba in the early 1950s; 'Banco Largo' was the name of the Torrealba family hacienda (ranch). All the records were performed by Venezuelan singers, but mainly featured Torrealba's own group, 'Los Torrealberos.' All the codes of the records are prefixed with his initials, JVT." Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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