B. Rsaissi

B. Rsaissi (Algeria?) / c. 1951

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Design: The well-balanced label design features both Roman and Arabic lettering. The generic-style logo, which perhaps relates more to the Western tradition of music, consists of the outline of an Aeolian harp integrated with a singing bird, with a treble clef perched above.

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to info.re.78s@shaw.ca), but probably manufactured in France for marketing to its Algerian immigrant population. Label scan courtesy of musicologist and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K., who confesses: "[The origin of] this label is a total mystery to me." However, internet research reveals that Benamara Mohamed Ben Mustapha Sheikh El Kourd (1885-1951) was a virtuoso singer and instrumentalist, who made many recordings in the 'Malouf' style of Andalusian classical music.

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