British Broadcasting Corporation (U.K.) / 1951

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Design: A well-drawn collage adorns the upper segment, showing Big Ben, the iconic clock tower built between 1843 and 1858 as part of the Palace of Westminster (now known as the Houses of Parliament complex in central London, the sound of whose bell being struck was used by 'Auntie' BBC to announce its hourly radio newscasts); overlapping it is a rather sinister-looking heraldic lion (a symbol of courage and strength, pictured here in the pose of 'passant guardant,' as on the royal arms of England, but wearing a royal crown, and here reversed from its usual left-facing stance to face right, in order to make the design work properly); and a scroll in the night sky, containing the label name. All the type is set in variations of the very British-looking Gill Sans, designed in the early 1930s by stonecutter Eric Gill, which is still widely used today.

History: As the previous label. Label scan of this 14 inch transcription disc courtesy of collector Michael Letchford of the U.K.

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