Art Tune

Art Tune Company (China) / c. 1957

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Design: A mix of stylized and traditional lettering, both extended (at foot, in border) and condensed (upper area), with traditional calligraphic lettering at the centre. Unusual placement of the record company's name, around the spindle-hole. The thin, flowing lines of the angel (?) playing a harp (?) contrast strongly with the bold, double-lined border.

History: Thanks for info to Lum Kat (Justin) Theing, who notes: "The Art-Tune Company, which appeared in the late 1950s, was one of the newest companies to produce records for Teochew Opera. The records were packaged in sets of 5. A complete set brings out its high-standing value for Chinese opera. The sound quality is one of the best and the texture of the mould is one of the best also."

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