Aragon 1

Aragon (Canada) / c. 1957

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Design: A clear, well-laid out label with an attractive panel containing the credit info. The label name employs brush script lettering, but the borders of the panel owe their inspiration to copperplate pen script. To achieve symmetry, the lettering around the outer edge is unusually large and widely letterspaced, with the words "Recorded in Canada," "Pressed in U.S.A." and "Printed in U.S.A." perhaps given rather more prominence than necessary.

History: A west-coast Canadian label launched in 1947; why the label was so called is unknown (Aragon, a present-day province in Spain, was in medieval times an independent kingdom). Thanks for updated info to collector Dave Dixon of Canada, who writes: "This label was owned and produced in Vancouver, B.C., Canada by musician and radio disc jockey Al Reusch, who sold the label and all master recordings to London Records in the late 1950s."

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