Angel Records 1

Angel Records (U.K.) / c. 1956

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Design: The difference between 'putti' (helpless human asexual babies), cupids (pagan baby gods, shooting tiny erotic arrows), the more threatening seraphs and cherubs (religious guardians, sometimes with non-humanoid characteristics) and angels (adult heavenly messengers, often depicted carrying large swords), can often be confusing. While all occupy a level between the human and the divine, some carry religious significance, while others may be pagan or secular. The device seen here, a winged infant scribing a musical groove, is usually referred to as the 'angel' logo, but that description is inaccurate, since the figure has no apparent religious significance; neither human baby or heavenly adult, it wields an arrow, which places it in the pagan 'cupid' category, in spite of the label name. The image was first used by Emil Berliner's UK affiliate, The Gramophone Company (later the Gramophone, Typewriter and Sister Companies, or GT&S), in 1898. It also appeared on other European releases, as on the French Disque pour Gramophone from c. 1902.

History: Launched in 1953 and later purchased by Capitol Records. The movie 'A Prize of Gold' was released in 1955. Label scan courtesy of discographer and music researcher Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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