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49th State Hawaii Record Co. (Hawaii) / c. 1956

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Design: A curvaceous hula dancer in a grass skirt carrying a floral lei sways over the spindle hole. In order to meet the expectations of tourists, certain height, weight and physical attractiveness quotients had to be met before admittance could be made into the ranks of professional hula dancers (as was the case for beauty contestants and other occupations of status for young women, such as airline hostesses). The song title reinforces the suggestive nature of the dance. The colour combination of silver on red and the imprinting, using the newspaper fonts of (Ludlow) Tempo and (Linotype) Metro, is typical of the 1950s. The real meaning of the song title, 'Keep Your Eyes On The Hands,' is to inform the audience to watch carefully how the hula dancers used their hands to tell the song's story, suggesting the shapes of buildings, flowers, fish or whatever was included in the lyrics.

History: Founded in the late 1940s by George Ching, to satisfy a demand for American servicemen who wanted mementoes of their time of military service on the islands' bases. It was expected that the territory of Hawaii, as was its status at that time, would soon become the 49th state to join the union, but Alaska took that honour and Hawaii would actually become the 50th state, joining in that same year (1959).

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