49th State 1

49th State Hawaii Record Co. (Hawaii) / c. 1950

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Design: The Hawaiian island chain is screened in the background, behind rows of brush capitals for the label name (strictly speaking, in the typographic world, italic capitals should not be used together to form words, especially when they have swash overhangs, as here). Along with other elements such as an outline star and other lettering in a different weight, the ensemble is a bit of a 'dog's breakfast' (a strange expression: my dog's breakfast of kibbles is entirely homogenous).

History: Founded in the late 1940s by George Ching, to satisfy a demand for American servicemen who wanted mementoes of their time of military service on the islands' bases. It was expected that the territory of Hawaii, as was its status at that time, would soon become the 49th state to join the union, but Alaska took that honour and Hawaii would actually become the 50th state, joining in that same year (1959). Label scan courtesy of collector John Anderson of the U.S.A.

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